The Grand Theatre was built for $15,000 by George Meisner in 1927, on the vacant lot between G.C. Haddock and the Huston & Son building.
It was state-of-the-art, with seating capacity for 500, sloping floors and comfortable seats of modern design, a stage large enough to accommodate vaudeville troupes and road shows, and air conditioning. (Air conditioning was new to buildings then.) The projection booth was built of solid concrete to eliminate a danger of fire.
George and Phoebe Morgan owned the Grand from 1934 through 1937.  The business was taken over by Bill Dussler until the Morgans came back in 1942.
In 1943, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kuhl of Corning purchased the business.  Hartford Fees, son-in-law of the Lawrence Kuhls, moved to Greenfield to manage the theatre in 1949.  Management was taken over by Richard Kuhl in 1959.  The business was sold to the Kuhl’s son, Richard, in 1965, the same year he bought the building from Phoebe Morgan.  The theatre remained in the Kuhl family until 1994.
The Grand was sold to Bill Barstow of Nebraska in 1994, and then to Robert and Gingi Haag of Orient in 1997.
The current owner/operator, Kenneth and Wendy Sheeder of Greenfield purchased the theatre in 2004. There are now 252 seats with one screen for the film, and also wheelchair accessible.